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Unique Custom Logo - $400
Animated Logo - $600

We will work with you to bring your current ideas to life, help develop an idea, or create multiple concepts from scratch for you to choose. This is a much different process than the generic logo creators online will give you. Our team of professionals will guide you through the process from doodles on a page to fresh custom imagery uniquely tailored to your business. This concept can go beyond a logo for a business. We can create branding for event names, YouTube channels, bands, clubs, and whatever else you may need something custom and memorable.

HD Video Studio Commercial - $400
We will create two unique video commercials that can be used on your website, social media, and television advertising campaigns. These commercials can feature all kinds of professional effects including scrolling words, logos, graphics, background music, and more. For one price we will produce two very different commercials.

The first commercial will be a brick and mortar style presentation. This will include shots of your location, products, and any other of the experiences you want to reflect to your audience. These commercials generally are created with a narrative in the background to explain hours of operations, company story, and a call to action to get the customer to shop.

The second commercial will be a concept commercial. This commercial will use storytelling to depict the need for the audience to respond to your call to action. For example: In the video below a man is trying to break his vacuum to get out of household chores for his wife. Every time he destroys the vacuum it shows up the next day fixed. Eventually, the ad opens up to be about a vacuum repair company. We used a story to engage the audience’s emotions before associating that feeling to the store.

Long Edit Video - $150 (full day pricing available call 607.483.9339)
We will record on site. We can record various activities such as raffle events for customers, product descriptions by staff, testimonial videos with clients, and anything else you may want to communicate. After we film we will produce a final product with tone music, graphics, and logos for you to use on any platform you choose.

Short Edit Video - $60
If you have a recorded video that you would like to add your logo or background music too, we can make a professional final product out of even the most basic of cell phone videos.

Custom Website - $400
We will build you a website that will set you apart from the other companies in your field. We will work with you to design a custom aesthetically pleasing page that is engaging and easy to navigate. We can integrate graphics, videos, job applications, social media, polls, contests and various other things to create a professional dynamic for your website.

Custom Online Store - $400
Add online shopping to your company options and watch your profits increase. We will work with you to create an online portfolio with products, descriptions, and an easy check out process for your customers. We can integrate your website, and social media to link up to your store for a seamless shopping experience.

Custom Marketing Material - $200
We will design you a one-sided image for all your marketing needs. We can design anything from billboards, event posters, coupon flyers, advertisements, business cards, menus, and anything else you can think of. Make your event stand out by utilizing us to bring high-quality professionalism to your advertising campaigns and branding.

Social Media Takeover - $150 (weekly)
Let our team of social media professionals and content creators produce custom imagery and videos each week for your brand. We are very familiar with the dimensions needed for various social media platforms and algorithms for advertising. In the past, we have created testimonial videos, various graphics, cover photos, icon images, discount coupons, raffle videos, video commercials, job applications, grand opening promotions and much more.